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You can find photos from a few of our previous trips at the link below. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like a special photo shooting session during our trips!

What our customers are saying about us

Was super fun!!

The trip was well organised, everything according to the Programm,really a perfect experience !

The people who organise ErasBus trips are super lovely! They always share fun vibes and create a friendly environment wherever you go! I felt like we were one family functioning all together to get the best experience out of our tour❤️

The trip with the Erasbus was a great experience! The organisers are making you feel like you're going on a trip with friends and they're helping you to meet each other and enjoy your trip. I would recommended to all kind of students and to everyone that wants to take a trip the best way possible!

The tour was really great, well organzied and even snacks were included! It was a really good price for what we got and plus, it's always great to connect with people and other students!

It was truly an excellent trip. It was very fun and enjoyable 🌟🌟

I went on an ErasBus trip to Hallstatt and it was the best! So well organized, and it shows the team really thought of all important details! The buses were very convenient, there was a nice packed breakfast and a great tour, as well as some free time. (And a photographer for the memories!) Going with ErasBus allows you to just enjoy your trip without having to take care of logistics, and it is also an opportunity for meeting great people to enjoy the trip with! I definitely recommend and I hope to join again soon :) Thank you guys!

I spent a lovely day in Hallstatt with ErasBus! Everything was nicely organised, and totally worth it. Plus, I really enjoyed the guided tour. I would definitely recommend travelling with ErasBus, especially if you’re a student!

Very well organized and the staff was super kind . I plan to visit again soon!

It was an unique experience to be in a such a beautiful place with lovely people. If you just want to meet with new people or explore Europe's top destinations, I can strongly recommend Erasbus <3

I had a great day in Hallstatt with the ErasBus team. I strongly recommend this agency because the organization was perfect and the animations were also perfect.

Beautiful place and very good organised trip.

We did a trip to Hallstatt and it was a great experience!! The trip was well organized and we had a guided tour and also free time to go to other places. I totally recommend it!

Loved the experience! Very well organized and totally worth the price!

Amazing trip! Great service! Organised very well! Looking forward for others trip with Erasbus! Everything went perfect and we were very happy in this trip.☺️☺️

Friendly staff, amazing Experience. Halstat is a must see😻

I have a very unique experience to Hallstatt. All the team is very nice and helpful. The tour was very well organized! The timing for evening was more than enough to check out the city and the organization of extra activities was totally the best part. Totally recommended ;)

Great value for the money! Booked a trip to Hallstatt and the experience was unforgettable.

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